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Popular Uses
A general purpose tarp. Excellent for covering outdoor stationary equipment, building material, or objects that may rot or rust without the use of a breathable fabric. For light short-run hauling use the 12 or. or 14.90 or. Majestic. For general purpose use the 10 oz. Majestic.

Creates a firm tough edge. Deters wear and eyelet pullout.

The 3-ply rope is in a 1 ½" hem. Tooth washer grommets are conveniently spaced every 3-4 feet, between two rows of stitching. Like all canvas tarps the Majestic is specially treated to resist water and mildew. All seams are double stitched with heavy duty, rot resistant thread. Individual tarps are attractively packaged with a descriptive label.

Color: O.D. Green
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Item #


TCM10FR N/A 10 oz.
TCM12FR N/A 12 oz.
TCM15FR N/A 14.90 oz.
Custom Size Flame Resistant Majestic Style Canvas Tarps N/A 10oz, 12oz & 14.9oz
1 - 4 of 4 | Results Per Page | View | Unit of Measure
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